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What a whirlwind summer this has been.  It’s been so busy that it’s in fact very difficult to write the “all-encompassing” greetings post I wanted to, so I’ll cut this into a brief announcement. is back, but as a separate entity to our main site.  Its aim is to give a direct outlet to our creative team and mates in the trenches to let the world know what we’re working on, who is inspiring us, and what forces in the industry we’re watching.

We’ve recently expanded as a company.  The team at Captivate Creative Studios has grown to enable us to take on larger and more diverse productions, namely in video and interactive multimedia.  Promotions is also becoming a big part of our day-to-day, and finding new ways to help the musicians we love achieve success.

Tune in regularly to reap some madness!

~Alex and the gang

Just a peak at some new work...

Just a peak at some new work...

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