Oct 6

The Scene: New Bomba Collection

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While my night consisted mainly most of playing assistant to Vlad and Alex Wolski – namely holding flashes, running back and forth from the car to the club for equipment and posing for light readings – I still had a blast. I guess it’s tough not to have a good time when you’re swimming through a crowd of models and beautiful women gathered at Lobby, Ottawa’s premiere VIP nightclub, for the unveiling of Bomba’s newest collection of luxury fashion. The show didn’t disappoint, as Bomba’s latest in a line of dresses and shirts, of course draped over a dozen sexy bodies, captured the attention of even the most detached bystander.


The three of us lapped it all up, and even managed to get a little work done. Vlad got a bunch of great shots, which we’ve posted for your viewing, and Wolski shot the fashion show and got some footage of the club scene that unfolded inside Lobby. I think he probably had a better night than either me or Vlad. It was priceless watching Wolski, camera in hand as always, mashed in between like 10 models, grinning ear to ear. Actually, come to think of it, I was grinning like a damn fool too. Hey, can you blame me? I’ve worked hundreds of assignments in exclusive environments, but have never been surrounded by so many models as I was on this night. Yeah, it was a damn good night. Anyways, that’s all I have to say about that (ala Forrest Gump) so check out the goods, watch the video, get jealous, whatever. We’ll be in touch soon. Take care.


Big Thanks: Bomba, Lobby and the models.

For all of the shots visit or click here


Alex Wolski w/ Bomba Models
Alex Wolski w/ Bomba Models
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