Apr 7

Enter: The Doom Boom (jib crane field test #1)

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Fellow humans, after months of secrecy in the skunkworks, we finally have a new toy to unveil.  This is Captivate’s home-brew jib crane, AKA The Doom Boom.

It’s a 25 foot, indoor/outdoor/all-weather balanced camera arm.  It assembles and unpacks without a single tool.  Robotic remote servos give you X/Y/Z movement of the camera plate from the base or anywhere in the area.  The counterweight fixture is adjustable and can easily be replaced with a cradle and rechargeable car battery with 2 110v outlets, enough to power laptops, chargers, LCDs and the stereo all day.

The Doom Boom was designed by Louis Tremblay, Daniel Tremblay and Alexander Vlad, and every major component was machined by Louis Tremblay.  After sufficient field testing and development, we have cunning plans for the future.

For the very first field test of The Doom Boom (mk1), we hit our local slopes to put the beast through as rough of a test as we could conceive.  After unpacking the jib (it can fit into a compact station wagon easily) we carried it half-way up the hill, found a suitable location, and started assembly.  All together, it took a mere 10 minutes to setup The Doom Boom, even on the mountainside with deep, wet snow and blowing wind to contend with.

After a full day of shooting stills and video with the Canon 5D and 7D, we packed it in.  Disassembly is a dream, once again, without a single tool.  Thankfully we scored a Skidoo for the trek back to the chalet, as the cold was starting to nibble a bit.  So much trial & error, and there were times where we felt like we were doing rowing drills.  Working as a team to track moving subjects, articulate the arm, spot the area, lens the shot, pull focus, monitor exposure, setting Pocket Wizard channels, keeping the beer stocked, and just repeating it all day was exhausting, but when we take this puppy out for serious commercial work, the practice will be worth it.  Thanks for looking!

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