May 10

Pulp Friction – Tarantino Inspired Photography

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Cirque Noir keeps outdoing itself.  From Berlin, to the post-apocalypse, Ottawa’s bimonthly freak & fetish party moves onwards to the manic world of Quentin Tarantino.  For it’s third installment, Sunny Daze is tranforming The Collection, Mercury Lounge, and 56 into Jack Rabbit Slim’s (Pulp Fiction), The Titty Twister (From Dusk Till Dawn) and The House of Blue Leaves (Kill Bill vol 1).

Pulp Friction 68 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

We found a pretty fitting ‘Betty Sue’ wig online, and, with some ever handy props, transformed Bar 56 into a set for our Mrs Mia Wallace to prowl around on.

Pulp Friction 22 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

I used mostly hard light for this shoot, indulging myself with CTO gels.  I went a little overboard, layering red & blue to create red/purple/blue gradiented backlighting on the set.  Main strobe was midly diffused on a Honl Pro reflector with occasional modifiers/gels/random bits velcroed to it.  Always with the velcro.

Pulp Friction 47 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

My assistant on set for this shoot was a monopod Guantanamo-strapped (white zip-ties) to a mop handle, lodged in a mop-bucket (with water).  Cons: not voice-activated like my usual assistants.  Pros: has wheels, leaves floors sparkly.

Pulp Friction 34 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

I took a few liberties with the look of Mia Wallace for this shoot.  Although I adore the Uma Thurman’s getup for the twist contest with Travolta, the creative team agreed that the pants had to go.  We also had our subject strapped with an M9.  Even though she never uses a gun in the movie, the venerable Beretta was indeed on Pulp Fiction’s cover art, so it’s not too far fetched to have it in use…

Pulp Friction 37 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

More photos from the set after the jump!!  All photos © 2010 Alexander Vlad |

The rest of the set:

Pulp Friction 42 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |


Pulp Friction 63 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |


Pulp Friction 49 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |


Pulp Friction 55 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

and….last one!

Pulp Friction 29 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Thanks for looking!  Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming party!

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