Feb 18

The Fantastic Flow

Category: Music,Photography

Evenin’ folks.  Here’s a sneak peak on what I’m working on tomorrow.  Last night I photographed a kick-ass area band called The Fantastic Flow.  They first appeared on my radar when I met their frontman at a New Years party.  After the hangover cleared, the Flow had the chance to open for one of our favourites, Ko ( when he performed at Live Lounge (613) at the end of January.  The boys are gearing up to take on the best of the regional talent for Live 88.5′s The Big Money Shot, and I think they have an amazing chance at scoring some big dough.  To go along with their entry into the contest, they are putting out a self-titled EP (about bloody time) and gave us a shout to shoot and design their album cover.  The following is a really random assortment of shots, bound together by hard light, slow shutters, and green gels.  I’m excited to see how tomorrow’s effort will unify it all.

Thanks for lookin!  Check out The Fantastic Flow over on their MySpace, and check back over here soon to see the finished album art and snag some tunes.  All photography © 2010 by Alexander Vlad  |  Captivate Creative Studios.

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