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Be Prepared: Fashion Sampler

August 21st, 2010 | Category: Fashion,Photography

We were approached for a gig by a newish client last week, seemed straight forward enough.  Show up, light and shoot one musician for a promotional campaign for a clothing line.  Usually I pack according to what I’m shooting, but because of minimal info, I panicked, and brought the whole arsenal of location lighting with me.  Upon arrival, my crew was greeted by a gaggle of models, MUA, video-documentarian, style team and the direction of the shoot had mushroomed from a one-subject promo, to the whole dang clothing line.  Good thing we had extra lighting.

For most of the shoot, I used four Speedlites with various Honl Photo light modifiers, but brought out a fifth for effect and some fill when the client wheeled a motorcycle on set.  For most of the shoot I had two strobes doing main/fill combo for subjects, one rim/hairlight, and one blasting hard shadows accross the graffiti wall.

The whole experience was massively unexpected, but I haven’t had this much fun with mixed-light in a while.  Be prepared!  Gigs don’t always go as planned, but I will never complain about a small shoot turning into a big shoot.  Go with the flow, and don’t be afraid to push out of your comfort zone–you never know what you’re capable of creating–but always take the moment to update contracts to reflect the unexpected changes!

The rest of the session, plus info on the new line from Parispolice, will be available soon.

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Metropole w/ Cashtro, DJ MES, Pakman & Oxyrotin

March 11th, 2010 | Category: Fashion,Music,Photography

In the highest penthouse in the tallest building in West Ottawa, we rocked a photoshoot for our favourite emcees Cashtro and Pakman. Along with DJ MES of Triple B Records and Oxyrotin clothing, we definitely made a night of it and sketched some serious plans for the future of the location.

Thanks for checking out the shots!  More to come, as always.  All images © 2010 Alexander Vlad  |

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Shoot: Killa Hell

February 10th, 2010 | Category: Fashion,Photography

Today I pulled myself away from editing long enough to grab lunch and snap off a quick shoot with the amazing Killa Hell!

I’m also starting to take out my Canon 7D a lot more for location work, instead of the venerable 5D’s.  It’s an amazing cold-weather camera, and I love that I can easily negotiate it, even with thick gloves on.

I’d only shot 45 frames before the speedlites finally gave out, as I was blasting 1/2 and full power to compete with the sun.  As it turned out, our will to brave the cold pooched around the same time as the batteries, so we retreated to the car.

All photographs © Alexander Vlad 2010 |

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Fashion! Demu Label show at Lobby Ottawa

December 16th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Photography,The Scene

Another quickie shoot entry, this time from Lobby Nightclub in Ottawa.  DEMU Label strutted it out with both ladies and guys shirts and hoodies.  I was slinging double duty on video and stills (7D and 5D), so if was a terrific juggling act.


It’s been a while since I’ve taken on fashion with a hand-held strobe, so the images had more motion and less clarity than I would usually like.  I think I was also under the influence of guitar thrashing as I seemed to have the whole “rock show” mindset about the gig.  The colourful ambience still draws my favour though, so I’ll share ‘em with the net!


The vibe at the show was amazing, with Hamid Rebel presiding over the party, rocking out on his electric guitar.  Hamid has started to become a constant, performing at several events I regularly shoot at, and crossing paths with a multi-talent like himself is always a great experience.


I’ll update with an image gallery when the video is complete.  Enjoy!

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Bring out the gimp…

December 16th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Photography

“The gimp’s sleeping.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to wake him then…”


I can’t think of a better way to start the holiday season!  This gimp shoot was assembled for a promotional campaign for Cirque Noir.  Inspired by the very best of Montréal’s underground fetish parties, Cirque Noir is a 1920′s Berlin-themed event.


This epic party is being thrown at Mercury Lounge, 56, and The Collection in the Byward Market, Ottawa.  The locals out there realize the implications of this.  One buidling, three venues, four floors, all Cirque Noir.  It’s all going down on January 15th, 2010.


Our mischievious friends from will be providing bodypainting, and there will be a whole host of live performances, including some of the regions best DJ’s and the occasional dominatrix.  Beats will be supplied by Paulo Cardoso (Bomba, Onaversal), Jeff Lapratte, & Mercury Resident Lance Baptiste who is performing a special German Electro set.


It’s been a while since I’ve shot some really sinister shit with hard light.  The whole shoot went down on location at Mercury Lounge, and the models, Cindy and Patrick were energetic and so much fun to work with.  Big shout to Piotyr for playing the role of voice-activated light stand!  The official flyer and promo design is being done by Kid SL and Taktikal Design, so whatever he cranks out, it will impress.

You can find all the kinky info for the party on their facebook event listing.

All photographs ©2009 Alexander Vlad & cannot be used without permission.  We got whips and chains a’plenty.

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Maximalism: Fashion Rock n’ Rolla

October 17th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Music,Photography

Beautiful people, yesterday I caught up with an old friend, Maxim.  One of the most interesting and ecclectic personalities I’ve ever encountered, and a master of claw-hammer banjo, Max is also an extremely versatile model and actor.  Having just arrived back in Ottawa from a cross-Canada tour, he now spends a great deal of time entertaining blues, bluegrass and pyschobilly fans at the Rainbow Bistro and the Cajun Attic, both in the Byward Market.  Since he’s been on the road for the last seven months, he’s been hard to peg down, but now that his feet are planted in one spot, I thought it’d be a good time to introduce Maxim and some of the images we produced together.

Maxim-Web-52 copyMaxim-Web-72Maxim-Web-91 copy

Suit by Tristan, shirt by Armani, tie by Mexx.

Everyone should run over and check out Maxim’s excellent blog that documents his travels and adventures: Maxim’s Mind.  You should also check out his music, it’s a huge departure from convention and will bring you to simpler place and time.  Check Maxim Cossette on Myspace.

Here’s a preview of another multi-talented dude, Kemal.  We’ll be working with him on his musical and modelling projects in the future.  Stay tuned.


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