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Captivate Presents: Cashtro Crosby Alley Oop Music Video

September 21st, 2010 | Category: Music,Video

Finally finished and uploaded (do yourself a favour, open your ears and watch in glorious HD)!

Here’s the vitals:

Cashtro Crosby
Alley Oop
Prod. Half amazin
Crosbyfication (LP, Apr. 2010)

Directed, filmed and edited by Alexander Vlad & Captivate Creative Studios.

Behind the scenes to come!  Spread the word!

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Bluesfest 2010 – Day 1 – Iron Maiden

July 11th, 2010 | Category: Music,Photography,The Scene

First day of Ottawa Bluesfest 2010. It’s a blistering mid-summer Tuesday in the capital city. A smog cloud thick as the smoke in a 70s bingo hall hovers over the grounds at Lebreton Flats. No one seems to mind.

There’s a bum frying an egg on the sidewalk.

“There are so many freaks that show up to an Iron Maiden show,” says a young punk in passing. “I’m sure I’m going to be the only one with a Maiden shirt on.”

The kid’s wrong about the shirts, right about the freaks.

Even heat peaking at nearly 40C is not enough to keep away idealists turned government employees who relish the two weeks of the year they get to unbutton the hardest button to button.

Seems inherently wrong for this many men to be wearing flip-flops and polo shirts tucked into cargo shorts (one dude even has a collar sticking out over his Maiden t) at a festival opening with a bill that includes Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and, err, Wayne Brady (who will smack a bitch!).

Under the Blacksheep Music & Comedy Tent, Bluesfest is hosting its first ever comedy show. Whether it’s te jokes or the room temperature – a few degrees cooler than in the sun – the tent is packed.

The Relationship Comedy Show seems an odd, albeit fitting, addition to the festival, almost like rehab after the electric Dream Theater set. The words of lead singer James LaBrie – “Let’s see those fuckin’ hands up Ottawa” – still rattle around the brain like the pea in a spray can as comedian Jim Breuer’s voice chimes in.

“I’ve had swamp ass since I got off the plane,” jokes Breuer, of Half Baked (“Who’s comin’ with me?”) fame, to an applauding crowd. “You guys just came here for the air conditioner,” he ads, taking a shot at the oldest of Canadian isms. “They got air in there, eh?”

Back outside, the sun has started to set and the metal heads have amassed. Black Maiden shirts now rival the ubiquitous three-piece polo-cargo-flip-flop ensembles of earlier.

It’s refreshing.

Just after 9:00 p.m. the band that most of the black clad and, no doubt, rubes have come to see, grace the MBNA stage to a deafening chant of “Maiden, Maiden, Maiden, Maiden!”

“Don’t eat the fuckin’ hot dogs, they’ll kill ya!” declares frontman Bruce Dickinson to the unconfirmed number of 20,000 strong before tearing into a set rife with everything from stage theatrics to shredding old-school guitar solos. “Any of you who are lost and thought you were coming to see a blues band, get a map.”

Meanwhile, at the Subway stage furthest from MBNA, the Kelp Records Review is in full swing. And blues is in abundance. There are at least 10 guys on stage – two drummers, three vocalist, four guitar players and a couple bassists.

Now there are 15.

While the crowd may be sparser than Maiden’s following, it is no less a dedicated audience. And with no black or collared shirts in sight, the review seems a fitting end to a blues fest dominated by heavy metal and comedy on opening day.


Originally posted on the Martyr Magazine Blog (Canada’s Alternative Press), this is one of the coolest collaborations Captivate has embarked on to date!!

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Interview: Swollen Members unload ‘Armed to the Teeth’

May 07th, 2010 | Category: Music,News,The Scene,Video

In this MartyrTV & Captivate Creative Studios exclusive, Remi L. Roy sits down with Mad Child, Prevail, Rob the Viking and the newest member of the Swollen family, Tre Nice.  In addition to unloading their latest album, Armed to the Teeth, for us, the four also discuss a decade-plus in the game, how the times have a changed, Mad`s war with a well-reported Oxycontin addiction and the future of Swollen Members and Battleaxe Records.  Shot by Alexander Vlad on the Canon EOS 7D.

The sound is a little whack in this one, I think some beer got in the microphone that night, but this video will be updated once the audio is evened out properly.  Cheers!

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Crosbyfication: Freestyle shot from a couch…

May 06th, 2010 | Category: Music,Video

Slaughterhouse reveal a Shady deal an the works

May 04th, 2010 | Category: Music,News,Video

Hip-Hop super-group Slaughterhouse – Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5’9” and Crooked I – have been fielding questions about rumours they’re signing to Shady Records almost since the group’s inception. In this exclusive interview with MartyrTV, Slaughterhouse put questions to rest with a simple answer from 5’9”: “We in the ninth inning with that deal right now.”

+ + +


+ + +

And if you haven’t already, head over and sign up to Martyr Magazine.  Canada’s alternative arts & culture magazine.

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Photoset: Sound Syndicate Studio Shoot

May 04th, 2010 | Category: Music,Photography

The studio is usually my last-choice refuge for photographic work.  I find things always degenerate into something that is purely a technical exercise, but the appeal of high-key photography for designers and promotional work is often essential.  I find I’m more at home connecting a subject with an environment, instead of being 100% creature focused, but when the creatures are as hilarious, varied and intesting as Sound Syndicate’s roster of producers, DJs and musicians…

Sound Syndicate 12 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 78 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 427 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 175 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 206 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 252 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 381 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 383 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 456 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 336 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

BIGSTUFF | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 137 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 550 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 302 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

DJ Jason Jesse | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caCreative Motherfucker | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

DJ Rick Laplante | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 448 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 151 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Mike Emvee | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Ian Durkin vs Gravity | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caDJ Frame | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Acro | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

Sound Syndicate 549 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivatethem.caSound Syndicate 425 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

SS Management | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

and finally…

Sound Syndicate 192 | ©2010 Alexander Vlad |

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Crosbyfication: The Album

April 26th, 2010 | Category: Music,News,Photography

Finally live!  The full-length LP from our brethren at Triple B Records, CROSBYFICATION, finally drops today.  For a limited time the full album is being given away for free!  Click here to score yourself some goodness.


Crosbyfication back cover

The Anticipated LP “Crosbyfication” is Here!!!  His 3rd Mixtape/LP Installment since “The Crosby Show” released last year. But this is an All Original Project coming From the Artist… His First Of Many To Come in the future.  More Information will surface all month about the project @ & through the social Networking sites… Google, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Blogs … Get Ready Folks, It’s Triple B, Best Of Both Borders…

* Photos & Design © 2010 Alexander Vlad ( *


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DJ Young Mase of D12 (live on tour)

April 17th, 2010 | Category: Music,The Scene,Video

DJ Young Mase of D12 (live on tour) –

D12 and Obie Trice’s tour DJ Young Mase hyping up a crowd!

Shot and edited by Alexander Vlad. Created using the Canon EOS 7D HDSLR system.

©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivate Creative Studios

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Iconoclast – Nothing But Hell (music video)

March 14th, 2010 | Category: Music,Video

Iconoclast – Nothing But Hell (Music Video) – from Alexander Vlad.

Filmed, edited & directed by Alexander Vlad.  Produced, written & co-directed by Remi L Roy.

Shot entirely on Canon 7D and 5DmkII HDSLR’s with Canon EOS 17-40 f4L, 35 f2, 50 f1.4, 70-200 f4L and 135 f2L lenses.

©2010 Alexander Vlad

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Metropole w/ Cashtro, DJ MES, Pakman & Oxyrotin

March 11th, 2010 | Category: Fashion,Music,Photography

In the highest penthouse in the tallest building in West Ottawa, we rocked a photoshoot for our favourite emcees Cashtro and Pakman. Along with DJ MES of Triple B Records and Oxyrotin clothing, we definitely made a night of it and sketched some serious plans for the future of the location.

Thanks for checking out the shots!  More to come, as always.  All images © 2010 Alexander Vlad  |

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