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Let’s Blaze (redux) – Photography

February 06th, 2010 | Category: Current,Music,Photography

Remember Ko?  A few months back we did an interview and shot a show for this rising star.  Then he had just gotten off a tour with Snoop, was promoting his first album, and preparing for a tour with Swollen Members.  Four months later our paths have connected again, and we hatched some cunning plans.  In between all the scheming, we squeezed in a shoot before his most recent show in Ottawa.  Here’s a couple of early offerings:

All photographs ©2010 Alexander Vlad & Captivate Creative Studios |

And last but not least… SUPPORT NEW CANADIAN MUSIC!

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It’s good to be shooting hip-hop again.

January 27th, 2010 | Category: Music,Photography

Just a little something from yesterday’s covershoot for the new Team PTP mixtape, entitled Triangle Offense.  The whole album will be available to download with full cover art tomorrow.  Get in on some of the fun and follow Cashtro on twitter for updates!

All photographs ©2010 Alexander Vlad, Captivate Creative Studios

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Fashion! Demu Label show at Lobby Ottawa

December 16th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Photography,The Scene

Another quickie shoot entry, this time from Lobby Nightclub in Ottawa.  DEMU Label strutted it out with both ladies and guys shirts and hoodies.  I was slinging double duty on video and stills (7D and 5D), so if was a terrific juggling act.


It’s been a while since I’ve taken on fashion with a hand-held strobe, so the images had more motion and less clarity than I would usually like.  I think I was also under the influence of guitar thrashing as I seemed to have the whole “rock show” mindset about the gig.  The colourful ambience still draws my favour though, so I’ll share ‘em with the net!


The vibe at the show was amazing, with Hamid Rebel presiding over the party, rocking out on his electric guitar.  Hamid has started to become a constant, performing at several events I regularly shoot at, and crossing paths with a multi-talent like himself is always a great experience.


I’ll update with an image gallery when the video is complete.  Enjoy!

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Bring out the gimp…

December 16th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Photography

“The gimp’s sleeping.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to wake him then…”


I can’t think of a better way to start the holiday season!  This gimp shoot was assembled for a promotional campaign for Cirque Noir.  Inspired by the very best of Montréal’s underground fetish parties, Cirque Noir is a 1920′s Berlin-themed event.


This epic party is being thrown at Mercury Lounge, 56, and The Collection in the Byward Market, Ottawa.  The locals out there realize the implications of this.  One buidling, three venues, four floors, all Cirque Noir.  It’s all going down on January 15th, 2010.


Our mischievious friends from will be providing bodypainting, and there will be a whole host of live performances, including some of the regions best DJ’s and the occasional dominatrix.  Beats will be supplied by Paulo Cardoso (Bomba, Onaversal), Jeff Lapratte, & Mercury Resident Lance Baptiste who is performing a special German Electro set.


It’s been a while since I’ve shot some really sinister shit with hard light.  The whole shoot went down on location at Mercury Lounge, and the models, Cindy and Patrick were energetic and so much fun to work with.  Big shout to Piotyr for playing the role of voice-activated light stand!  The official flyer and promo design is being done by Kid SL and Taktikal Design, so whatever he cranks out, it will impress.

You can find all the kinky info for the party on their facebook event listing.

All photographs ©2009 Alexander Vlad & cannot be used without permission.  We got whips and chains a’plenty.

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A Little Something To Promote Rampant Alcoholism & Promiscuous Sex

October 29th, 2009 | Category: Music,Photography,The Scene,Video

Kickin’ with LMFAO, we’re hammering out a reality-style web series pilot for UMM Entertainment: promoters behind LMFAO’s ongoing North American Party Rock Tour.  This is only a TASTE.  The final edit of the episode will be about 15-20 minutes and will really put you through the paces of what it’s like to send badboys like Red Foo and Sky Blu on the road.

Our full image gallery and event feature will be up shortly.  Anybody who did not attend the parties, but still wants to blow me kisses, you can send them to the usual email.  Well…fine, maybe one photo.


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Maximalism: Fashion Rock n’ Rolla

October 17th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Music,Photography

Beautiful people, yesterday I caught up with an old friend, Maxim.  One of the most interesting and ecclectic personalities I’ve ever encountered, and a master of claw-hammer banjo, Max is also an extremely versatile model and actor.  Having just arrived back in Ottawa from a cross-Canada tour, he now spends a great deal of time entertaining blues, bluegrass and pyschobilly fans at the Rainbow Bistro and the Cajun Attic, both in the Byward Market.  Since he’s been on the road for the last seven months, he’s been hard to peg down, but now that his feet are planted in one spot, I thought it’d be a good time to introduce Maxim and some of the images we produced together.

Maxim-Web-52 copyMaxim-Web-72Maxim-Web-91 copy

Suit by Tristan, shirt by Armani, tie by Mexx.

Everyone should run over and check out Maxim’s excellent blog that documents his travels and adventures: Maxim’s Mind.  You should also check out his music, it’s a huge departure from convention and will bring you to simpler place and time.  Check Maxim Cossette on Myspace.

Here’s a preview of another multi-talented dude, Kemal.  We’ll be working with him on his musical and modelling projects in the future.  Stay tuned.


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Production Stills: SHOOTOUT! Music Video

September 29th, 2009 | Category: Current,Music,Photography,Video

Just a quick update!  Captivate just wrapped principle photography on the set of a music video, aptly entitled SHOOTOUT.  It was a fully packed two day shoot, featuring a large cast, tons of props, special effects and some serious stunts.  Police commandos jumping roof-to-roof, true to form FX, and a femme fatale to-die-for made for a blood-pumping great time.  The end result should be violent, visceral and a helluva lot of fun!  Footage soon!





(All photographs © Alexander Vlad 2009.  Very special thanks to Nick Liboiron, Meredith Lyman, The RCA Centre, and the City of Montréal)

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Die Mannequin Preview

September 22nd, 2009 | Category: Music,Photography,The Scene

Good afternoon rockstars.  We got some concert coverage and a beefy video interview with Die Mannequin who are currently on tour with Marilyn Manson.  We’re still cutting the footage so all I got for you today is one shot from after the interview.  So without further delay, here’s Care Failure, lead singer and guitarist from one of Canada’s hardest rockin’ bands.

mannequin-advance-1Stay tuned.  Also, check out their site and tunes.

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Slappin’ Da Bass Man

September 20th, 2009 | Category: Current,Photography

Beautiful people, here’s just a quick update!  Friday I photographed the lovely Anne and Renée on the beach in Aylmer, Québéc.  While it was a fridgid afternoon, the shots worked out better than expected.  I love mixing wide skies, beaming sun, and lots of strobes all cranked up.  I find the final result is challenging and rewarding for photographer and for viewer.  Enjoy!





Captivate is off to shoot an exclusive interview and concert with Die Mannequin, the brilliant, hard rockin’ opening act for the master of shock himself.  If anybody needs me I’ll be backstage at the Marilyn Manson concert.  Have a great Sunday you headbangers!

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Shoot: Erum at Armada Lounge

September 16th, 2009 | Category: Photography

It’s been a super hectic few weeks, juggling things between cities, pouring so much time into video and wrapping up long-running projects before the autumn grind really sets in.  Part of this has been building an online infrastructure to facilitate photoblogging, sharing music and video projects, etc, but now, just by taking a browse around, you can see that things are starting to tighten up.  Here are some shots from a shoot I did with ever-talented makeup artist, Meredith Lyman ( and her beautiful friend Erum.  I was so pleased with the chemistry on set and the final product that I even integrated one of the images into the layout of our main page.  Below is Mer’s account of the antics.


“This was my first shoot working with Alexander.  We both wanted to pull together a shoot just to see how we vibed as a team after our first meeting.  I sent out a mass e-mail and managed to get my lovely friend Erum to model and the good folks at Armada Lounge let us borrow their space for the night.  I have to say I was amazed I was able to pull together a hot model and a killer location  so last minute!!

After we had those two ingredients in place everything else flowed super smoothly.  I think we all shared a similar artistic aesthetic and worked so well together it felt more like play.  The proof of that is definitely in the the resulting shots!  Hopefully this is the beginning of many more successful collaborations between myself and Captivate Creative Studios.” -Meredith Lyman


To view the rest of Erum’s gallery, head on over to or click here.

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