Apr 17

DJ Young Mase of D12 (live on tour)

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DJ Young Mase of D12 (live on tour) –

D12 and Obie Trice’s tour DJ Young Mase hyping up a crowd!

Shot and edited by Alexander Vlad. Created using the Canon EOS 7D HDSLR system.

©2010 Alexander Vlad | Captivate Creative Studios

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Apr 7

Enter: The Doom Boom (jib crane field test #1)

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Fellow humans, after months of secrecy in the skunkworks, we finally have a new toy to unveil.  This is Captivate’s home-brew jib crane, AKA The Doom Boom.

It’s a 25 foot, indoor/outdoor/all-weather balanced camera arm.  It assembles and unpacks without a single tool.  Robotic remote servos give you X/Y/Z movement of the camera plate from the base or anywhere in the area.  The counterweight fixture is adjustable and can easily be replaced with a cradle and rechargeable car battery with 2 110v outlets, enough to power laptops, chargers, LCDs and the stereo all day.

The Doom Boom was designed by Louis Tremblay, Daniel Tremblay and Alexander Vlad, and every major component was machined by Louis Tremblay.  After sufficient field testing and development, we have cunning plans for the future.

For the very first field test of The Doom Boom (mk1), we hit our local slopes to put the beast through as rough of a test as we could conceive.  After unpacking the jib (it can fit into a compact station wagon easily) we carried it half-way up the hill, found a suitable location, and started assembly.  All together, it took a mere 10 minutes to setup The Doom Boom, even on the mountainside with deep, wet snow and blowing wind to contend with.

After a full day of shooting stills and video with the Canon 5D and 7D, we packed it in.  Disassembly is a dream, once again, without a single tool.  Thankfully we scored a Skidoo for the trek back to the chalet, as the cold was starting to nibble a bit.  So much trial & error, and there were times where we felt like we were doing rowing drills.  Working as a team to track moving subjects, articulate the arm, spot the area, lens the shot, pull focus, monitor exposure, setting Pocket Wizard channels, keeping the beer stocked, and just repeating it all day was exhausting, but when we take this puppy out for serious commercial work, the practice will be worth it.  Thanks for looking!

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Mar 14

Iconoclast – Nothing But Hell (music video)

Category: Music,Video

Iconoclast – Nothing But Hell (Music Video) – from Alexander Vlad.

Filmed, edited & directed by Alexander Vlad.  Produced, written & co-directed by Remi L Roy.

Shot entirely on Canon 7D and 5DmkII HDSLR’s with Canon EOS 17-40 f4L, 35 f2, 50 f1.4, 70-200 f4L and 135 f2L lenses.

©2010 Alexander Vlad

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Mar 11

Metropole w/ Cashtro, DJ MES, Pakman & Oxyrotin

In the highest penthouse in the tallest building in West Ottawa, we rocked a photoshoot for our favourite emcees Cashtro and Pakman. Along with DJ MES of Triple B Records and Oxyrotin clothing, we definitely made a night of it and sketched some serious plans for the future of the location.

Thanks for checking out the shots!  More to come, as always.  All images © 2010 Alexander Vlad  |

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Mar 9

Hitting the Shag with The Creepshow!

Category: Music,The Scene,Video

The Creepshow – Interview/Concert – from Alexander Vlad.

Shot & Cut by Alexander Vlad
Interview by Remi L Roy

Live footage of The Creepshow from Maverick’s (Ottawa). A big thanks to Future Skin for hosting the interview.

Created on the Canon EOS 7D with 17-40 f4L & 70-200 f4L.

Tunes used with permission from artists.

©2009/2010 Alexander Vlad |

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Feb 18

The Fantastic Flow

Category: Music,Photography

Evenin’ folks.  Here’s a sneak peak on what I’m working on tomorrow.  Last night I photographed a kick-ass area band called The Fantastic Flow.  They first appeared on my radar when I met their frontman at a New Years party.  After the hangover cleared, the Flow had the chance to open for one of our favourites, Ko ( when he performed at Live Lounge (613) at the end of January.  The boys are gearing up to take on the best of the regional talent for Live 88.5′s The Big Money Shot, and I think they have an amazing chance at scoring some big dough.  To go along with their entry into the contest, they are putting out a self-titled EP (about bloody time) and gave us a shout to shoot and design their album cover.  The following is a really random assortment of shots, bound together by hard light, slow shutters, and green gels.  I’m excited to see how tomorrow’s effort will unify it all.

Thanks for lookin!  Check out The Fantastic Flow over on their MySpace, and check back over here soon to see the finished album art and snag some tunes.  All photography © 2010 by Alexander Vlad  |  Captivate Creative Studios.

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Feb 10

Shoot: Killa Hell

Category: Fashion,Photography

Today I pulled myself away from editing long enough to grab lunch and snap off a quick shoot with the amazing Killa Hell!

I’m also starting to take out my Canon 7D a lot more for location work, instead of the venerable 5D’s.  It’s an amazing cold-weather camera, and I love that I can easily negotiate it, even with thick gloves on.

I’d only shot 45 frames before the speedlites finally gave out, as I was blasting 1/2 and full power to compete with the sun.  As it turned out, our will to brave the cold pooched around the same time as the batteries, so we retreated to the car.

All photographs © Alexander Vlad 2010 |

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Feb 6

Let’s Blaze (redux) – Photography

Remember Ko?  A few months back we did an interview and shot a show for this rising star.  Then he had just gotten off a tour with Snoop, was promoting his first album, and preparing for a tour with Swollen Members.  Four months later our paths have connected again, and we hatched some cunning plans.  In between all the scheming, we squeezed in a shoot before his most recent show in Ottawa.  Here’s a couple of early offerings:

All photographs ©2010 Alexander Vlad & Captivate Creative Studios |

And last but not least… SUPPORT NEW CANADIAN MUSIC!

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Jan 27

It’s good to be shooting hip-hop again.

Category: Music,Photography

Just a little something from yesterday’s covershoot for the new Team PTP mixtape, entitled Triangle Offense.  The whole album will be available to download with full cover art tomorrow.  Get in on some of the fun and follow Cashtro on twitter for updates!

All photographs ©2010 Alexander Vlad, Captivate Creative Studios

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Jan 14

DSLR Video – Mansion Nightclub Promo

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I’ve only been dabbling in video since April, but I have to admin, HD DSLR’s are moving me in a big way.  I especially love their promise in documentary and guerilla film making.  Over the last several months, I’ve been working hard on ramping up my editing chops, technique and finding workarounds for the obstacles (of which there are many).  As a result, I’ve been cranking out as much video as I can manage, and this is the first in a series of venue-specific promo flicks for UMM Entertainment Group.  Essentially, its a spiffy combination of images (shot on Canon 5D & 5DmkII) and movie (shot on Canon 5DmkII & 7D) to showcase some of the various clubs in a way that is both unique to the venue, but unified with the corporate identity and the other videos.

I think Cheech & Chong said it best: “It’s gotta be like different…but the same!”

So, hot off the presses, here’s the first of UMM’s new promos:

Over the next week I will be completing another 4 of these babies for UMM venues in Toronto & Ottawa (Lobby Yorkville, Brunswick House, Tila Tequila, Lobby Ottawa).  Coming up on Friday, I have a second day of shooting to add a narative for a more cinematic promo concept for another (unrelated to UMM) nightclub & martini lounge in Ottawa called Sotto.  In a coming post I’ll go into more detail about that project and the ways I’m trying to merge my photography and video work to create a stylized and cohesive aesthetic.  Till then, enjoy!

…and happy New Year as well, btw…  busy busy busy!

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